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A devoted woman with a contagious energy and passion

In 1941, Lise Bourbeau was born in Quebec, the fourth of eleven children. Surrounded by unconditional love and acceptance, she developed courage, balance and a sense of conviction that produced a wellspring of ideas on health, love, success and happiness. Her sincerity and exceptional leadership qualities have provided precisely the right chemistry with her audience, so that her gifts can be shared openly, to the benefit of everyone who experiences her unique style.

In 1982, Lise Bourbeau founded the Listen to Your Body School. Situated in the heart of the beautiful Laurentian Mountains, since it's become one of the largest personal growth schools in Canada. The philosophies taught, through her workshops and through her 26 successful books, are based on the relearning and the utilization of unconditional love.

Listen to Your Body continues to enjoy tremendous success as the largest French personal growth school in the world. Workshops and conferences have expanded in more than 28 countries.

Lise Bourbeau has now sold over 6 million books !

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Martine Beaulieu started her career in a medical center where she worked for fifteen years. Having suffered from a burnout that seriously affected her for a few years, she describes how she went through this experience one step at a time with the help of the Listen To Your Body Method.

She could, finally accept that life was sending her a gift through this experience.

Like any gift, it had to be opened to reveal itself. She had to be sensible enough to see and feel what was hidden inside her. At the heart of her suffering, with this obstacle that seemed insurmountable, she discovered the inner strength to overcome it, including most importantly: the power to help others to overcome their own challenges.

Her professionalism and ability to share her message are matched only by her energy and ability to communicate openly and simply. Martine Beaulieu is a teacher and counselor, for the Listen To Your Body School and is also trained in communication and leadership. 



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Micheline St-Jacques is a graduate of the Listen to your body school since 1993. Her passion: help people to get to know themselves better. Her commitment, her perseverance and her desire to share the knowledge and tools taught by the Listen to your body school to as many people possible led her to write this book with Lise Bourbeau, founder of the school.


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