Just listen to your body and eat: stop trying to control your weight

Just listen to your body and eat: stop trying to control your weight

Lise Bourbeau author

Did you know that what we eat is among the most frequently discussed subjects in the media and in advertising? The lucrative food book industry is constantly churning out volumes on everything from research to recipes and diets. This book, however, is different. It has nothing in common with them because its goals are to…

... help you discover that there are six reasons besides hunger that make you want to eat;

... show you how much you control your food intake and how that can be bad for you;

... teach you to quickly recognize the emotional wounds that prevent you from eating well;

... help you love and accept your body, and especially who you are at every moment.

Lise Bourbeau, a world renowned specialist on listening to your body, provides us here with numerous solutions and constructive pathways.

Do you have the impression that you are constantly controlling what you're eating? Were you ever affected by anorexia or bulimia? Can you tell when you are at that critical point where you stop just eating and begin to let yourself go? Are you able to love yourself even if you often lose control of your daily eating habits?

Did you know that you can get to know yourself by observing your eating habits?

This eagerly awaited book offers an entirely new way of looking at your relationship with your food. It reveals the connection between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of the person and can help you, in this way, to discover your own specific needs at any given time.

207 pages | ISBN 978-2-920932-34-0

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