WOW , I'm God and you are too!

WOW , I'm God and you are too!

Lise Bourbeau author

Not yet published in English

Audacious title? Yes          Scandalous? No
Fully aware of her audacity, Lise Bourbeau has chosen this startling title to publish her autobiography in order to show, through her own progression/ story, the reality of God's presence within oneself.
Dedicated to her own personal growth, the author reveals herself completely. Confident in her own intuition, allowing herself to be guided by her inner God, she takes great risks. Meaning that she thus reveals certain highly intimate aspects of her life- a very risky thing to do. She uncovers many aspects of her family and emotional life, her intimate and sexual relationships, her studies and her career, while acknowledging her financial successes and failures.
What could be more enriching than getting to know oneself through someone who is accepting and dares to reveal all. She uses her life and life's lessons to help her loyal readers. You may or may not agree with her, but you will certainly not remain indifferent! 
In the hope of helping as many people as possible, the author suggests several practical ways for getting back in touch with your inner God and explains how she also can comfortably say "WOW! I'M GOD!"
"For me, the affirmation I am God is only pretentious if I refuse to accept that everyone can also make the same affirmation" Lise Bourbeau.

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