Love Love Love

Love Love Love

Lise Bourbeau author

Not yet published in English

What do LOVE and ACCEPTANCE have in common? All of us experience a dozen situations on a daily basis; some are difficult to accept and that, unfortunately, creates conflict, discomfort, and a lack of satisfaction. This book makes the point on the fundamental principles of love and true acceptance. 
With the help of real life experiences, the reader will be able to make the difference between ACCEPTANCE, SUBMISSION and UNDERSTANDING. By identifying himself with these experiences, he will recognize the different facets of love (fraternal love, parental love, intimate love, love among friends, self-love, possessive love, passionate love, transitory love, unconditional love).
Through a variety of methods, the author guides us to accept sickness, death, old age, loss, decisions, physical appearance, weaknesses and difficult relationships. The reader will follow the evolution of the characters and the extraordinary benefits that result from this evolution. This unique book will sensitize and support you throughout your life.

371 pages | ISBN 978-2-920932-85-2

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