Listen to your body, part 2

Listen to your body, part 2

Lise Bourbeau author

Not yet published in English

Listen to your body - Part 2 is the long-awaited sequel to bestseller Listen to your body, your best friend on Earth (commonly referred to as that famous "little pink book" by her hundreds of thousands of readers) that reached heights of popularity in Quebec unequaled to this day.
Part 2 is the result of Lise's continuing research in the field of Personal development. In it, she shares new insights and guides the reader through the step-by-step application of valuable growth principles designed to lay the foundation on which to build a satisfying and successful life.
The book is comprised of twenty-one chapters, each closing with simple, practical exercises through which the reader is lead easily toward self-knowledge. Ms Bourbeau's fundamental premise is that understanding and knowledge are gained most effectively through personal experience.
In identifying and differentiating between the three primary states of "Having", "Doing", and "Being", the reader achieves a simple clarity that allows a greater personal vision to emerge. From this new perspective, greater horizons are seen.
Once again, Lise Bourbeau, a prolific and beloved author, brings us a breath of fresh air in a user-friendly package.

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