Diane - Making peace with the past

Diane - Making peace with the past

Lise Bourbeau author

Not yet published in English

4rd novel in Lise Bourbeau's serie
This fourth volume of the ARISSIEL series will keep you in suspense once again as you follow young Ari’s most recent experiences.  He has received special gifts and a large amount of money with which to help those around him. How will he manage to keep his promise of chastity – which he made in exchange for the gifts he received in the other world from his guide Michael? Despite these challenges, he opens a residence that welcomes young people living on the street, helping them become free of their difficult past.
In this story, he especially helps his mother DIANE who finds herself facing several problems. You will discover how becoming reconciled and wanting to live “in love” can produce a series of marvellous events affecting everyone around us. This book also seeks to show you the physical healing that follows spiritual healing, as a result of the liberation from the past that is made possible by reconciliation and forgiveness.

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