Benani - The power of forgiveness

Benani - The power of forgiveness

Lise Bourbeau author

Not yet published in English

2nd novel in Lise Bourbeau's series
Always doubtful about reincarnation, Arrissiel nevertheless reincarnates as BENANI's son, who was his own son in his previous life. What a challenge!
As a result of his agreement with his spiritual guide, Ari develops psychic abilities that will permit him to help others.  But life has a lot of surprises in store for him, and he won't always know how to deal with them.  Amongst other things, and after a number of years of conflict, he will have to make peace with his father.  How will he manage to fulfill his life plan?
This book will touch you by its many examples of reconciliation and forgiveness.  Its aim is to incite readers to reconcile with their loved ones rather than live with resentment, unrealistic expectations and negative emotions.

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